Elevate Tulsa designs with our captivating Architectural Elements that infuse character and style

Discover Architectural Elements That Redefine Your Space

Discover Architectural Elements That Redefine Your Space

Step into the captivating world of architectural brilliance with Natural Stone Source Inc.

Our expert craftsmanship and an unrivaled selection of hand-carved architectural elements are waiting to transform your space. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Marla, our dedicated expert, who will guide you through the possibilities and spark your creativity.

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Custom Architectural Elements:

Explore our remarkable selection of natural stone options, including limestone, travertine, marble, quartzite, granite, onyx, quartz, cut dimensional stone, and porcelain. Each offers a wide range of patterns, colors, and qualities to enhance various aspects of your space, from fireplaces to columns and more.

Quality Stone Selection

We offer a diverse array of high-quality natural stones, each with its own unique aesthetic and qualities. Our selection can transform any element of your living space into an architectural masterpiece.

Craft visionary Architectural Stone Designs in Tulsa, adding timeless elegance to your spaces

Our offerings include:

  • Limestone: Ideal for fireplaces, staircases, and more due to its timeless and durable nature.
  • Travertine: Known for its earthy tones and ability to add a touch of sophistication to entryways and columns.
  • Marble: Perfect for making a statement, its high-end look and feel is great for countertops and tiles.
  • Quartzite: Offering extraordinary strength and resilience, it’s excellent for kitchen countertops and bathrooms.
  • Granite: A top choice for kitchens due to its durability and range of colors.
  • Onyx: A glamorous stone that shines when backlit, perfect for making a design statement.
  • Quartz: A non-porous material with a variety of colors, great for any interior application.
  • Cut Dimensional Stone: Tailored to fit your specific design needs, providing a unique and custom look.
  • Porcelain: Durable and versatile, it's great for various architectural uses.

Whether you are updating a fireplace, staircase, column, entryway, balustrade, coping, or tile, our diverse range of stones will bring your vision to life.

Unique Designs and Ideas for Every Space

Natural Stone Source inc is your go-to source whether you're renovating your kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, or flooring or looking to enhance columns and door surrounds.

Personalized Care and Limitless Design Potential

We are a handmade stone provider who takes pride in offering personalized care to our customers. From helping you explore design possibilities to providing tailored communication through text, email, or samples, we prioritize your vision and preferences. Our goal is to help you explore natural stone's limitless design potential.

Nationwide Shipping

We ensure our premium materials reach you regardless of where you are in the USA. Tell us about your preferences and vision, and we will text, email, or send samples of natural stones that could bring your dream to life.

Custom-Made Architectural Stone Design for Your Space

We often get asked, “Do you have a catalog?” The answer is no. Every piece of stone is unique, and each of our architectural elements is custom-crafted to perfectly fit your space and design. This bespoke approach guarantees you one-of-a-kind pieces that are as unique as you and your home.

At Natural Stone Source Inc, we don’t just sell stone; we help you create spaces you love. Begin your journey today to LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE.

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