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Tony Jones

A quality product managed professionally!

Mr. and Mrs. G

"We'll definitely be calling her to return on several future projects."

We could not be happier with Marla and her personalized design service from start to finish. We've used other designers in the past, but Marla moves the bar to a whole new level. She combines her years of experience, attention to detail, and a very keen eye for high-class color sense. Her dedication to this project resulted in an extraordinary work of art when completed.

We can't speak highly enough about Marla. I recommend her to all of our friends; they are all in awe of Marla's artistry in our house. Knowledgeable, Talented, and Professional are just a few words to describe Marla. We'll definitely be calling her to return on several future projects. Thank you so much!


"A Very Happy Client"

If you are someone who desires to work with a highly experienced, professional, and forward-thinking designer and supplier, then I am highly recommending the services of Marla Sharp at Natural Stone Source, Inc. Marla is a visionary in her industry; she doesn't follow others, she leads by design. Marla saved me thousands of dollars in my recent kitchen renovation, from stone and backsplash selections to appliances and a stunning sink. You will be amazed at how the final buildout looks. Marla is wonderful to work with and stands behind everything she does.


"I surely could not have found this unique solution anywhere else."

Marla Sharp was the perfect person to help me find an antique chest, a gorgeous travertine vessel, and a beautiful faucet to upgrade my bathroom. Her exquisite taste, her resources, and her synergy are over-the-top wonderful! She tuned into my eclectic taste as soon as she saw my home.

I surely could not have found this unique solution anywhere else.


"I am absolutely thrilled with the end result…"

Marla Sharp was super easy to work with. Her communication and customer service were excellent, and her contemporary designs were cutting-edge! Everything looks so much more expensive than it was. Marla has a strong understanding of design and finishes and offers a variety of options in different price ranges. I was very impressed with her attention to detail, and her quality service and materials were first-class. She totally "got me," refined what I wanted, and took my design to another level!! It's incredible how she stays on budget, suggests unique designs, and stays completely focused and professional. I am absolutely thrilled with the end result and have highly recommended her services to friends and family! Her service was everything I anticipated and so much more! Marla is top-notch and knows her art well. I will definitely call her on my next project.

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